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Motivation: The Key to Building Talent

Motivating talent 29606316_s“Motivation is the reason that people develop talent in the first place.” That line from Adam Grant’s book “Give and Take” really made me stop and think! Imagine the talent, and its impact, if everyone was motivated – especially in business! Yet somehow we don’t do enough to realise this.  

Several years ago the “war for talent” was a major management topic. Now you seldom, if ever, hear it mentioned. Instead the big themes of today seem to be “big data” and “artificial intelligence.” No doubt these are important and denote significant changes to the way businesses and organisations operate, but you risk failing to reap their full benefit if you neglect talent.

Ultimately any business exists to offer a product or service to humans while all organisations – whether businesses or not – rely on humans to fulfil their purpose. Thus the human factor remains paramount. As a result optimising talent remains key to efficient and effective operations. Clearly then you need motivated people.

Motivation, however, is individual and innate. So how do you ensure this across your entire organisation?

The first step is to ensure you hire only motivated people. But, even then, you cannot be sure of retaining them unless you keep them motivated. Grant’s insight suggests that in order to do this you need to enable them to fully utilise and enhance their talents.

This makes me even more proud of my ‘Every Individual Matters’ Model. The model provides a framework that encourages employees to optimise their individual capabilities and thus stimulates motivation and the concomitant development of their talent. Simultaneously it provides a platform that demonstrates you value them, helping build trust and loyalty. This creates a reinforcing virtuous cycle that allows you to optimise your organisation’s latent talent in a previously unprecedented manner.  


If you like what you have read contact me today to explore how my original thinking could help you break though logjams that are inhibiting your business or how my ‘Every Individual Matters’ Model could help you value your people and provide the catalyst to help you create an organic culture where everyone cares and the business becomes our business, embedding continuous improvement that engenders ‘love at work’ and transforms – and sustains – organic business performance.


Bay Jordan

Bay is the founder and director of Zealise, and the creator of the ‘Every Individual Matters’ organizational culture model that helps transform organizational performance and bottom-line results. Bay is also the author of several books, including “Lean Organisations Need FAT People” and “The 7 Deadly Toxins of Employee Engagement” and, more recently, The Democracy Delusion: How to Restore True Democracy and Stop Being Duped.


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