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Meeting the Most Pressing Human Capital Needs

What are executives’ major concerns these days? I was grateful to get a fresh insight recently when I obtained a copy of the Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends 2016 report. This gave me a wonderful opportunity to identify the trends and ascertain:

  1. What are executive management’s most pressing concerns?
  2. To what extent my ‘Every Individual Matters’ model meets those concerns?

And I am happy to report that the answers were extremely satisfying. The trends are a clear barometer of the way that organisations are changing. There was nothing surprising about them or the concerns that are driving them. They are clearly long-term changes and, as such, will reshape the organisation of the future. And my ‘Every Individual Matters’ Model goes a long way to addressing nearly all of them. Let me explain why I feel so positive about this.

Naturally you will first need to know what the trends are. The following chart from the report summarises them neatly.

2016-05-18 Deloitte global survey findings

As the report indicates, these trends are a direct response to the need to reshape the organisation itself, largely as a result of the changing nature of business and the need to keep on top of operations to respond rapidly and appropriately to market forces. Knowing the trends, however, does not automatically make the actions any easier to take.  Especially, if you try to address them in isolation.

Fortunately the ‘Every Individual Matters’ Model provides a more integrated solution that offers you the capability of addressing many of these issues simultaneously. This is also best illustrated graphically and the following chart sums up why this is the case.

Global Human Capital Trends and EIM

It is clear then: in the modern business world, every individual matters and the ‘Every Individual Matters’ model offers you a definite solution for meeting these most pressing human capital needs.


If you like what you have read contact me today for a free 30 minute conversation about how my ‘Every Individual Matters’ Model can provide the catalyst to help you create an organisational culture of ‘Love at Work’ : one where everyone cares and the business becomes our business, so embracing change and transforming – and sustaining – organisational performance.


Bay Jordan

Bay is the founder and director of Zealise, and the creator of the ‘Every Individual Matters’ organisational culture model that helps transform organisational performance and bottom-line results. Bay is also the author of several books, including “Lean Organisations Need FAT People” and “The 7 Deadly Toxins of Employee Engagement” and, more recently, The Democracy Delusion: How to Restore True Democracy and Stop Being Duped.


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