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People as Assets

Assets - Gold bars 16003502_sA Google search on “people assets” yielded 664 million results! That is very nearly two thirds of a billion. Mind-boggling! (As is the fact that these results were yielded in 0.36 seconds, less than half a second!) Clearly it is a topic that a lot of people think about and even talk about: I would be a very wealthy man if I had received a pound every time I heard the expression “People are our greatest asset.”

Despite this, the very first page seems to challenge this. Three of the first five results are either questioning or denying the statement. The fifth result actually links to a December 2011 article in the august Harvard Business Review titled “People are not your greatest asset.” Hopefully your response to that is the same as mine: “Then try running your organisation without people!”

Moving beyond the headline (and a first paragraph that claims people can actually be liabilities,) the authors acknowledge the importance of people. They go on to claim that an organisation’s greatest asset is actually “how you empower people.” This makes the headline seem little more than an attention grabber. And while it may be a good one, and the article’s points sound, it can still be harmful.

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Here and Wow!

The other day I had an epiphany!  I was watching a Matthieu Ricard TED Talk on “The Habits of Happiness” and was struck by his equating happiness with well-being. I suddenly realised that happiness is not an elusive emotional sense but actually a situation of satisfaction.  I liked that idea because it made happiness somehow less fleeting and transient.

Unflickering flame 7713397_sRicard claims “authentic happiness can only come from the long-term cultivation of wisdom, altruism and compassion.” (My emphasis) Reflecting on this brought back a childhood memory. As a young boy of about eight I heard my parents complain that the carpet was dirty. So I decided that I would surprise them and clean it. Thus the next day when they went off to work, I managed to roll it up, take it outside and wash it.  

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Beating the Crisis of Ethics

Flavour of the past week has undoubtedly be the question of ethics. Editorial comments have abounded and most, if not all, the newsletters I have received have been on the subject. Of course this follows all the news about FIFA and “Septic Blatter,” as one newspaper cleverly identified its infamous head.

GoalsThese events seem to have evoked universal concern about a decline in moral standards and ethics, with many commentators evoking the fines being levied on the banks and financial services industry to support the argument. Yet you have to wonder how deep this concern really flows. After all, reports about corruption in FIFA have been circulating for years and been corroborated by journalistic investigations and exposés going back several years.

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