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How to Increase Your Return on Training (ROT)

Increasing returns 36682674_sIn my last blog, I made a strong case for the need to increase the Return on Training (ROT) and why it is important for your organisation that you do so. Now I want to give you a recipe that will deliver this and provide a framework for a significant, and sustainable, transformation of your performance.

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Time to Increase the ROT

“It is always the first thing to be cut.” How often have you heard that? HR professionals seem to universally agree that, whenever times are tough or things get difficult, training is the first casualty in a war to reduce costs. Yet management would not be so willing to eliminate training if they knew it provided a worthwhile return on investment.

So why don’t they know?

It is time for the HR profession to stop passively accepting this management mind set as “a fact of life”; consider the unthinkable and ask whether this might actually be their fault.  If nothing else, moving beyond the “unfeeling management doesn’t understand” rationalisation for things should be a catalyst for progress. After all, if management holds the power and is focused exclusively on the bottom line, the way to prevent reflex training cuts is to convince them such cuts negatively impact their results.  

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Leadership and Popularity

Talent wars 000015991993XSmall“Leadership isn’t a popularity contest.” That was the headline of a newsletter I received this week. The opening paragraph went a little further. It stated, “Leadership isn’t a popularity contest … it’s about doing the RIGHT thing rather than the popular thing.”

What do you think – would you agree?

As I reflected on it, I came to the conclusion that the writer’s argument was contradictory and flawed.   

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How to Unlock Innovation

Cracking innovation iStock_000000136484MediumAre you feeling pressured by the need to innovate? It seems that no matter where we turn today, we are being bombarded by the demand to innovate more. On one hand this may seem highly ironic, when the pace of change is such that many of us are silently screaming for things to slow down so we can catch up. Yet in a way it is hardly surprising because change has been happening so fast that our systems have become obsolete and so it is their very inadequacies and shortcomings that are powering a treadmill that demands more change.

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