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Paradox of the Obvious

PerceptionsPerhaps one of life’s biggest frustrations can be something that seems obvious to us may not always be obvious to someone else. Maybe that is why toddlers go through the “terrible twos” – they are simply the manifestation of their frustration with adults who do not understand what they are trying to communicate.

That is why I so appreciated the words of Edward Morrow I came across recently: “The obscure we always see sooner or later; the obvious always seems to take a little longer.”  They are an amusing witticism that – upon deeper thought – demonstrates the wisdom of the old adage that “many a true word is spoken in jest.” Let’s take a moment to explore how relevant they are.

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Why Employee Engagement Efforts Are Failing

It’s quite remarkable! In a world of incessant change it is a barometer of consistency. It never seems to change.

Recent surveys indicate employee disengagement is around 70%. This is what it was 10 years ago! So, despite more than a decade’s attention, headlines and efforts, we have made no headway at all in rectifying this. Why not?

There could be any number of reasons, but perhaps the first and foremost could be that the executive managers are not engaged themselves. This would inevitably make them sceptical about any employee engagement initiatives and so inhibit the outcomes. Thus it seems critical to establish whether executives themselves are engaged. But how would you know?

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