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October 2014

How to Escape the “War for Talent”

Are you familiar with the “War for Talent”? Worse still; are you caught up in it?  Recruiting and retaining people with the right skills to ensure, maintain and sustain the success of their business may be the number one concern of many CEOs. Only last week I read a headline, “70% of CEOs say they cannot find the right talent.”  Don’t you be drawn into this ‘phoney’ war. 

The term “War for Talent” was coined by Steve Hankin of McKinsey and Company in 1997, which means it has been around for nearly 20 years now. That is certainly testament to the catchy headline it makes. Yet it referred only to a likelihood of an increasingly competitive landscape for recruiting and retaining people as employees. So what you need to ask is, “How likely is this scenario?”

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Why Human Capital Accounting is Becoming Imperative

“Something fundamental is afoot – and it’s structural rather than cyclical. In other words it is not a blip.” That’s according to the October 2014 issue of “Management Today.” In an article entitled “The Disappearing PLC”, it highlights the fact that, since the Wall Street high in 1997, public listings have declined 50% in the USA and UK, 23% in Europe, and 5% in Asia. So what are the implications of this?

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How to Inspire the Right Attitude

Attitude 9897438_sEmployee engagement is, essentially, a matter of attitude. Think about it for a moment. What you are looking for in employee engagement, is employees who are enthusistic, energetic, and enterprising. All of those are states of mind, which collectively you can call ‘attitude’.

This means that efforts to create employee engagement are fundamentally efforts to create the ‘right’ attitude.

But attitude is innate. It comes from inside the individual. This means it is not something you can invoke, instil and insist upon. So you cannot create it. At best you can only inspire it. So how do you do that?

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How to Embed Powerful Employee Engagement

In my blog last week (Revealed: The Link between Purpose and Powerful Employee Engagement) I illustrated how the three principle elements of purpose drove both personal and organisational behaviour. In doing so, I argued that this link provides a powerful lever for building significant employee engagement that will inevitably improve your organisational performance and results. Well, today, I want to build on that and show you how you can build on that to create a model that will embed this into your organisation.

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Revealed: The Link between Purpose and Powerful Employee Engagement

Purpose is fundamental to stainability and success, but is all too often neglected. It never should be. Let’s take a closer look and see why.

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