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How Management is Lobotomising Leadership

For decades now we have been hearing that command and control management is dead. If only! Reports of its demise have been both premature and greatly exaggerated. Not only has no replacement system yet been found but there has been little sign of one being identified, which means, at best, that it is suffering a lingering death. The truth, however, is that command and control is alive and well and flourishing as it always has, albeit in a different guise.

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A spectacular own goal!

For a profession that vociferously proclaims its right to a place at the high table of management the HR profession is remarkably adept at undermining its own efforts! But even by their standards their latest own goal is spectacular!

Oops_2711150_sIt has just been announced that the CIPD – the body that represents the HR profession in the UK - has removed the issue of accounting for people as assets from their “Valuing Your Talent” project. With a commission called “Valuing your Talent” you would have to think that this negates the whole purpose and is throwing the baby out of the bath before the bathwater has even been run! What makes the whole debacle even more galling, however, is their reason for doing so.

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You can only wonder!

Life is an enigma. Nevertheless there are certain things that one ought to be able to take for granted. Without question one of those should be that leaders are people who should inspire. After all, a pre-requisite for a leader is to have followers and to have followers you would think a leader must surely have:-

  • A clear vision and sense of purpose; and
  • The ability to inspire others to also pursue that vision and purpose.   

Certainly, these are qualities you would expect executives leading large organisations to have. After all, how can you execute a strategy if you cannot get people to follow you and implement it? Yet, it seems that that these qualities are less prevalent than you would think.

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