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Ban the Rule Books and Performance Management

One of our great joys in life at present is watching the development of our nearly two year old granddaughter. I am fast learning that being a grandparent is almost better than being a parent. And it’s not just because you don’t have the downside of the 24/7 care or the corny cliché, “You can give them back!” In any case that hardly applies for us, living in the UK as we do, with our granddaughter living in Texas. No, it runs deeper than that, even for us Skype families.

So what is it that primes this pump of emotion?

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HR: The New Frontier

Young explorer iStock_000010208873SmallIt’s been 10 years since I set out on a new career path with the mantra “HR is the new IT.” For me it was as plain as the nose on my face. The returns on investment were shrinking.

For decades business had been pursuing the benefits of new technology and optimising that technology through what came to be called Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) – and with unprecedented success. It delivered enormous change and radical new ways of doing things that are now so much a part of everyday life we take them for granted. Inevitably, however, the pace has to slow. When the new becomes the norm and is no longer new, then the returns have to diminish too. Increased or extraordinary profits only result from doing the extraordinary; when the extraordinary becomes ordinary the profits do too. It’s economics 101!

But for me there is more to it than that.

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Change Management Needs Leadership

How not to lead change - 123rf_25317560_sThe postman delivered my latest edition of “Best Practices in Change Management” this week. This is the Prosci Benchmarking Report following their 8th longitudinal study into Change Management (CM). They have conducted these roughly every two years since 1998 and the 2014 edition – which I receive as a Prosci certified CM trainer – summarises the results of their 2013 international research study on CM.

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Well-being, employee engagement and ownership

Is employee well-being a management responsibility? Should it be?

Jump 4 joyThose were a couple of the core questions that stimulated considerable discussion at a seminar I attended earlier this week. They certainly gave me reason to stop and think more deeply about an issue that I had never previously given any conscious thought to. I have always taken the idea that a manager is responsible for the well-being of his people completely for granted. After all it simply seems to be a given – epitomised by the fact that even in the army the officers only eat after their men. How can you expect to meet your objectives if your people are not in a state to properly play their part? 

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