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Organisational Development: What OD really is

It is natural whenever you come across a definition (on a subject that interests you) to try to put it into your own words. That is how you comprehend, internalise and embed understanding. At a recent Organisational Development (OD) conference a speaker did this to create a very effective, thought-provoking presentation. I am sure he would not object if I continue the discussion in the same way.

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Light in dark times

My previously described battle with Santander left me feeling that the bank was taking advantage of its size and trying to bully me as a small business, refusing to accept my case that “charging” 6.65% for a single failed forex transaction was daylight robbery. But even at my most paranoid I would not have dreamed – or dared to suggest – that it was part of a conspiracy. Yet it now seems that this could be the case.

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Rigid rules and the bankruptcy of customer service


Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse they did.


12406507_frustrated businessmanPreviously I described how my bank had rejected a payment to an overseas supplier whilst “charging” 6.65% for the transaction. When writing I fully expected the matter to be amicably resolved. I never for a moment believed they actually expected to get away with it. After all it is pure bank robbery, albeit an inversion of the normal sense of the term. Here you have a billion pound organisation extorting money from a small business simply because they believe they can get away with it. It seems that I was naïve and misguided and completely failed to recognise just what bullies banks are.


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