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Realising Resolutions: How to Avoid Resolutions Becoming Regrets

It’s that time of the year when you are likely rising to the challenge of keeping your New Year resolutions. And as you do, you may be realising that the hope, expectation and enthusiasm with which you embraced them has diminished, dissolved or disappeared. Alas, we have probably all suffered the ignominy of failed New Year resolutions. Why do you think that is?

Beyond desire_000031711528XSmallWe all start off with best of intentions. We are totally serious and certainly wouldn’t make them if we didn’t feel the need. Yet somehow they nearly all end in regrets. There is nothing like a failed resolution to send you on a guilt trip and perhaps start a cycle of despair: not the ideal way to start a new year!

If you think about it, no matter how serious the intention, a resolution that you cannot keep is little more than a wish. And a wish is little more than an anaemic want; a desire with little real expectation. For example the hope that you will win the lottery when, in your hearts of hearts, you don't believe you ever will.

On the other hand desire can be a passionate pursuit. A real want is the strong desire for something that you really need or deperately yearn for. This distinguishing of the dual nature of desire starts to get to the heart of the issue; because desire itself is a passive verb.

Yet, no matter how strong your desire you cannot be sure that you will ultimately achieve it. One thing only is certain. Your chances of success are considerably enhanced when you add determination, dedication and discipline to your endeavours.

This applies particularly to resolutions. After all a resolution is almost inevitably a commitment to change behaviour. If you want to lose weight, you have to change your eating habits and cut back on many of the things you presently enjoy. You have to commit to this with determination, dedication and discipline. Then there is very little chance that you will not succeed.

Seasonal wishes_000014621455XSmallSo, when it comes to your resolutions, challenge yourself by asking how much you really want to change your behaviour. If you are struggling perhaps it is because you cannot pay the price of change. In which case it is no big deal: simply abandon your resolutions – and the guilt that goes with doing so. Otherwise, recommit to them, and ensure that you bring all your determination, dedication and discipline to them. Your New Year will be happier and more successful for it.    


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