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Appreciation, Appreciative Inquiry and Employee Engagement

The real secret to creating employee engagement

Are you giving enough?

Now I am sure you are thinking to yourself, "What kind of question is that?" And of course it is rather ambiguous and open to interpretation, so let me throw a little more light on it and hopefully give you some food for thought. Who knows; it might even change the way you act. And if it does I have little doubt you will get results that astound you.

It is tough being a manager or business leader at the best of times. And I am sure you will agree, these are not the best of times. And as a result you are likely to be under greater pressure to deliver results. Everything takes more effort and you have to run harder and work longer hours. Your energy, your effort and your expertise are all being stretched and as a result you are likely to feel that you are giving a great deal. However, that is expenditure not giving. And sometimes we tend to get the two confused - even though they are massively different.

Giving in its purest form is a spontaneous outpouring; an expression of something from deep inside of you that gives pleasure without necessarily expecting anything in return. On the other hand expenditure always demands a quid pro quo; something in return - usually of equal or greater value. It can certainly bring you pleasure but it is by no means the same for giving is about bestowing pleasure to others.

So what? Well just think for a moment about how much more satisfying the latter is. Expenditure invariably suffers from the law of diminishing returns, whereas giving never does when the gift is appreciated. Think about how you feel about your work. I'll wager you aren't as engaged as you could be. Yet how different it would be if you felt you were making a difference and your effort was appreciated.

Now just pause a moment and ask yourself if your employees aren't feeling the same way? The odds certainly are strong that they are. And if so, what are you doing as their leader to change this. Once again my friend Steve Roesler is offering you the perfect recipe to do so.

Can it really be as easy as asking for help?

Yes, because by asking your people for help, you move them off the expenditure treadmill and onto the giving treadmill. You remove the sense of obligation and pressure and so enable them to feel good about what they are doing. In the process you also create the employee engagement that otherwise seems to you like such a daunting, nearly impossible goal.

You could say it is like the old cliché of selling them instead of telling them. However it is even better than that, because here you are not even doing the selling. Your people are actually sell themselves. They simply buy into something that makes them feel good about what they do and in the process become naturally more engaged - as long as you don't forget to say thank you!

Thank youAnd the real beauty is that it entails less effort than anything else you are doing. There is no expenditure! You are simply giving. And that creates a virtuous circle. 


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