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Are your people bothered?

"Am I bovvered?" Am I BovveredThis signature catchphrase of the British comedienne Catherine Tate, with her portrayal of a schoolgirl who displays a total lack of concern about anything, does not describe your employee attitudes, does it?

The sketches resonate with audiences who see it as an exaggerated depiction of the alien world of disaffected youth. Yet it can be translated very easily to the business world where good service is all too often an oxymoron. We can all tell stories about business situations where the person you are dealing with has conveyed a "couldn't care less/am I bovvered" attitude. These may be funny after the event and in the telling, but they invariably make you angry at the time. 

If you are like me, you say to yourself, "I wonder whether management has any idea of what goes on?" If so, you'll be struck, as I was, by the statement that "Even the most abstract business strategy must eventually show up in the tangible actions of human beings." I think that answers our question, don't you? It very succinctly explains why employee engagement is such an important issue and certainly suggests at least one or more of the following:-

  • Management have failed to appreciate strategy implementation is totally dependent on people
  • Employee engagement is lacking because there is no strategic alignment
  • The strategy is likely to be inwardly focused and centre around cost reduction more than customer service.  

Thank goodness you are a manager and leader who has avoided these failings. You have, haven't you?    


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