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Are you a Virgin?

My apologies for being so weak-minded as to be unable to resist the headline! However, I could not help myself after reading a report on Sir Richard Branson who is shortly to celebrate his 60th birthday.  Sir Richard Branson

In the report he is quoted as saying, "Our guiding principle is this: give individuals the tools they need, outline some parameters to work within and then just let them get on and do their stuff." Naturally it made me wonder how many companies do this - and (sacrilege) - even whether it applies right down the line in all Virgin companies?

In all seriousness, I wonder how many people feel they are able to "just get on and do their stuff?" Surely employee engagement surveys that nearly 80% of employees are disengaged are evidence that very few people find themselves in this position. 

Accordingly, I thought it might be worthwhile to do a little "Virgin test." You can consider yourself a "Virgin" if:-

  • You are a manager who consciously adopts that philosophy and you empower your people accordingly; or
  • You are an employee who feels so empowered.

Of course this is hardly scientific, but please do cast your vote anyway. The results should nevertheless be interesting. (Especially if you work for Virgin and the answer is no!)