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There can be very few people who are not aware that the Football (Soccer) World Cup is currently taking place. This time is it is really a historic event because, for the first time in the event's 80 year history, it is being held on the African continent.

The joy and pride that this has caused is not just confined to the host nation, South Africa, but has spread throughout the continent. Needless to say, though, there is a special pride in South Africa that has enveloped all those who fortunate enough to be there, no matter how world-weary or cynical or disinterested in football they might be.

One friend reported a conversation with some visitors from Brazil attending their 6th World Cup who said it was already the most memorable and the most enjoyable they had been to - and the month long event is still in its first week! It is truly a national party. The goodwill and joy is touching everyone and just has to continue to bless. Maybe these pictures - taken during a home team tour before the tournament even began - will help you get a sense of the spirit and atmosphere. Bafanabafan480

As you look at them, just ask yourself, what a difference employee engagement with this kind of zeal and passion would make to your business. Does your organisation have that kind of team spirit or home support? Clearly it is possible. So what do you need to do to create it? 




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