Work-Life Balance? Not in this case!
Are you MAD?

Is your message on song?

It's a bit of a cliché to talk about "all singing from the same songsheet" but perhaps the concept is more relevant than you realise. You see, if you don't, you might find there is a different song out there, as this example shows.

The message that comes across certainly doesn't do BT any favours and could very realistically counter every single penny BT spends on advertising. It clearly demonstrates that viral marketing can be both a negative and positive phenomenon, and that the power is no longer exclusively with the big companies with their big spending. After all, what is the point of spending millions on advertising across all media if poor service means a single dissatisfied customer can negate all your efforts - and for nothing?

Social media can be a wonderful tool for disgruntled customers!  It certainly goes a long way towards levelling the playing field and taking the power out of corporate hands. So if you still doubt the premise of the organisation as a team, you clearly need to think again. If you cannot align your people and get them to think and act consistently with your business values and strategy, your business will be in trouble.   

There is a lot more to being on song than you realised - or than was ever the case before! People management is a HUGE challenge and you need to recognise this and be ready to step up to the plate. After all you can no longer be sure of who the messenger actually is and, more than ever, "actions speak louder than words!"  


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