Is your message on song?
Talent Management or Employee Effectiveness

Are you MAD?

Am I showing my age here, or are there others out there who remember the "You don't have to be mad to work here, but it helps!" posters? MAD

What brought them to mind? It started after I wrote my last blog calling for more effective people management to align company values and strategy. I was thinking about that when I remembered learning at a recent seminar that the average role for any Generation Y employee is 15 months.

Now if that doesn't make you rethink your approach to people management, nothing will!  For, unless you can stimulate people to create the employee engagement necessary to create a sound employer brand to retain them, your chances of running a successful business and developing or maintaining any sort of credible brand are slim to non-existent.

Now you might think an employer would be mad to risk employing anyone who is likely to only stay in a role for 15 months, but of course you cannot avoid employing a whole generation! You simply have no choice but to change your approach. This is not as difficult as you may think; because making a difference is a key motivator for Generation Y. Ironically they are not so very different from any other generation in this regard. The real difference is that they simply do not subscribe to "be grateful for the job and put up with it" attitude of previous generations. So, whereas "my way or the highway" might have been an effective threat to older generations of employees, Generation Y have reversed it completely and made this a threat for managers rather than a threat by them.

Thus as an employer you have to create an environment in which people can make a difference. However, to appeal to Gen. Y's fast-paced, almost instant, life-style, but building on from our own proclivity for 3 letter acronyms, you can abbreviate "making a difference" as MAD. This brings us back to the old poster which now does not seem as whacky as we thought. For Gen Y, you do have to be MAD to work here, because if you aren't, you won't!

But that's okay, because as an employer you don't want anyone who is not MAD! So maybe the joke's on us and we were smarter all along than we thought!  


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