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Being the Best

What kind of business manager or owner are you?

No doubt you want to be the best.

Light 000011731675XSmallOf course – in this instance – being ‘the best’ does not mean being Number 1 or Top Dog. The key word here is actually ‘be’ - something you cannot avoid doing. ‘Best’ is simply a category of being. Thus it is something that anyone can aspire to – and attain. And you wouldn’t aspire to anything less, would you? You wouldn’t be who you are or where you are if you didn’t.

But how do you go about becoming the best?

Well, you cannot possibly go wrong if you adopt this approach. “As a business owner I have an obligation to create an environment where every person in our company grows as a human being and develops more of their potential so they can truly become all God meant them to become.” (Bob Proctor.)

You see, whether you are an owner or manager, you are responsible for other people and the quality of the work they produce. Consequently it seems to me to be a no-brainer that the more you enable people to grow and develop more of their full potential as human beings, the more successful they will be and consequently the more successful you will be. This is the ultimate win/win recipe.   

Of course the corollary is that if you don’t adopt this approach you will never achieve everything that is possible. Ironically, that means you will never fulfil your own potential either.

It is simple. To be the best you have to bring out the best of your people. But of course, you are already doing that. Aren’t you?


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