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Are you inspiring happiness and joy?

“Sometimes we forget that life and work are supposed to bring happiness and joy into our lives.”

Fireburst 000015699101XSmallWhen I read those words earlier this week I was reminded of why I formed Zealise and started out on this road.

Work and life are not separate. So if you want a life of happiness and joy you have to find work that creates happiness and joy. You have to stop seeing work as an unfortunate necessity of life and something that conspires against happiness and joy.

And if you are a manager you owe it to your people to create work that brings them happiness and joy. That is what it is all about. That is how you step up from being a mere manager to being a leader.

Of course it helps when you see you organisation as the vehicle for providing goods or services that meet a want. When you have that you get a clear vision and sense of purpose. And as your understanding of that deepens so you start to recognise the mutual inter-dependence of people and the light dawns that your organisation is essentially a source of happiness and joy, powered by what you and your people give.

This creates the demand for a shared vision and a collective responsibility. Success is up to each and every member of the organisation.

The big question then becomes, “To what extent do you fulfil your role?”

Only you can answer that question. And now seems like an appropriate time of the year for you to be asking it - even though It is not a seasonal requrement or a one-off.  But, as you enjoy the holidays, perhaps you can get into the true spirit of the season and start asking yourself. Hopefully as you do you will see the way to ensure that the New Year is a happy, successful and prosperous one.

I certainly hope so and wish it for you. 


Bay Jordan

Thank you! As I have written previously, one of the most important factors in life is to be appreciated and to make a difference. My intention with this blog is to get provoke people to think - and more importantly, to act - differently. So your comments are reward in themselves and I really do appreciate them. I hope, however, that it will also inspire you to do more and to make a difference.

Best wishes


Always nice to read your blog.
Different view and an own opinion about things are happening.

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