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Mind-blowing waste that can be (easily) avoided

220px-Ateam "I love it when a plan comes together!"

You are doubtless familiar with the character "Hannibal" Smith's catch phrase from "The A Team." And no doubt it resonates with you too, precisely because you also love it when things turn out precisely in the way you hoped, planned and worked for. After all, there is little in life to beat the sense of self-satisfaction from a job well done.

But how familiar are you with that feeling? Possibly not nearly as familiar as you would like! 

So perhaps you will be able to understand and share my delight in the corroboration of a message that I have been promoting for several years now. If you are familiar with my perpetual mantra about "human economic waste" - the waste of human endeavour in the workplace - you will certainly be interested in the significant endorsement it received this week. Perhaps, if you are still a sceptic it will help convince you.

I am talking about the findings from a research study undertaken by Warwick Business School, which concludes that the Forbes Global 200 companies each lose $1.2 billion a year through "bureaucracy and complexity." And what is another term for bureaucracy? Command and Control!

Hopefully - unless you are one of those corporations - you are not quite in the same league! Yet, you are still likely to have the same sort of command and control structures. So could you also be losing 10% of your bottom-line? If so what would that be worth to you?

That is not all. An earlier survey reported that fraudulent expense claims work out to an average of £462 per person and cost UK businesses a whopping £3.5 billion a year.

Surely these are enough to convince you that you need to take action?

You have to agree that a scheme of universal employee ownership that gives each and every employee a stake in the business and its results is likely to offer you the best way of addressing both these problems. It will create a platform to do away with most of the command and control, and cement the shared values that will enhance employee engagement and enterprise and so reduce the inefficiency and the likelihood of people effectively robbing themselves.

How else do your expect to do it?

Remember "The A Team" achieved results because they worked as a team. Can you think of a better way of creating a team? 


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It's great to hear from you and see what you've been up to. In your blog I feel your enthusiasm for life. thank you.

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