Pleasure or Happiness?
Maximising the Value of the Workforce

Dare to care!

To build a ‘customer first’ culture the customer must come second. ‘Customer care’ is impossible without ‘people care’ first.

“Your people must come first because there is a rule of thumb in business that says, ‘Your people will only treat your customers as well as they are being treated; thus to have satisfied customers they must be served by passionate people.’” Mac Anderson: The Essence of Leadership.

I have written previously about the need to put the customer second and I won’t belabour the point again here. I just wanted to make the point that the common key is the word ‘care’ and share another powerful quote from the same source that reinforces the point. “They don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

That statement almost certainly encapsulates customer thinking when they have had a good customer experience. But how do you as a manager get your people to care to that extent?

Well, if the logic is valid it must surely hold true in this context also. In which case the statement could be re-phrased: “They won’t care much until they know how much you care.”   

That is the essence of people management. So the crucial question then becomes, “How do your people know you care?” That, of course, is precisely the question that Zealise helps answer! As our name implies, we provide the stimulation and the means to create a culture of caring that engenders the happiness, and hence the enthusiasm and passion, to provide exceptional customer service.


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